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The environment you’re in has a huge impact on how well you learn. Therefore, KleanSpread is here to create a better learning experience for not only students, but for teachers too. Students tend to achieve higher grades in a clean environment with less distractions and fewer absences. Having your school or educational facility regularly professionally cleaned, reduces the spread of germs and illnesses. An unkempt school can also trigger asthma and allergies which takes away from learning. Maintaining a clean environment can help children focus on what is being taught in school that day, and not their symptoms.

Opting for professional cleaning services allows teachers to spend more time planning lessons and grading homework instead of cleaning up their classrooms, which can lead to anxiety and stress. Healthier teachers decrease the need for substitutes and increases positive student-teacher interactions. KleanSpread is here to protect students and teachers and to make them feel confident and proud of their school and facility.

The KleanSpread School and Educational Facilities clean consists of:

  • • Light kitchen and lavatory clean
  • • Emptying all waste
  • • Reception area clean
  • • Sanitizing classrooms, lecture and seminar rooms
  • • Hallway and corridors clean
  • • Offices and staffroom clean
  • • Removing cobwebs and dust
  • • Dusting and wiping down computer monitors and keyboards
  • • Cleaning internal glass
  • • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors
  • • Sports halls and assembly room clean

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